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Special Material PCB

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Founed In 1998

60000M2 Plant Area
150000sqm Per Month
Advanced Automative Equipment
Large-scale Production Lines
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Test & Inspection

For PCB: Flying Probe Test, E-Testing
For PCBA:X-Ray, IQC, AOI, Function Test, QA, LCR
TS16949, UL, RoHS, CE, ISO, etc.
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Epidemic Prevention Work and Market Information for PCB Industry
PCB manufacturing

PCB Manufacturing

86PCB provide different service levels, whether a few boards fast, or a lot of boards on a schedule, whether simple boards or highly complex boards.
Our QC and QA system will guarante the quality.

Components Sourcing

Components Sourcing

You can find all kinds of original components here.

Long years experience and safety management system and our experienced technical engineers, will give you a variety of solutions.

PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly

Assemble SMT prototype PCBs in small production runs with manual and automated SMT, including single- or double-sided component insertions, SMT Assembly, BGA Assembly, Through-Hole Assembly, Mixed Assembly and more.

PCB design

PCB Design

Our strong and professional electronical engineer team who have advantages in many areas such as medical devices, communications, smart home, automobiles etc will help you to design the board and make your idea come true.

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86PCB is new brand of JY Electronic, that can provide PCB one-stop service, which includes PCB Design&Manufacturing, PCB Assembly, PCB Reverse Engineering, Inspection & Test.

We have been focusing on the PCB industry since 1998 and have quite a lot of experience, High-Precision and Special Materials Circuit Boards are our expertise, Multilayer HDI PCB, Isola Rogers, Teflon etc. material PCB will never be our problem.

It is time-consuming and laborious to find PCB design, PCB production, and PCB mounting separately. So when you want to purchase PCB &PCBA from China, we are your best choice, no matter for prototype or mass production.

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3006, 2023

Exploring the Distinctions Between PCBA and PCB: Unveiling the Heart of Electronic Manufacturing

By |June 30th, 2023|Categories: Blog|0 Comments

In the realm of electronic manufacturing, the terms PCBA and PCB often surface as fundamental components. [...]

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